The End Result

I am really happy with the completion of my film, it’s exactly what I aimed for with no budget and a challenge. This film was put together solely from my influences in previous posts, using these interrogation methods and dark cinematic styles and lighting to capture my own short film. I think that if I could do anything better it would be to construct the script better and maybe give myself more time and thought for the writing process.

I enjoyed the whole process of making this film as it was a challenge with no budget to source anything, I also feel that I’ve managed to bring my skills from the 1st semester and take them forward into this project by using my producing skills to acquire access to locations such as a pub and prime studios, especially when the studios are on a tight schedule with availability. I’ve also never had the chance to direct anything before, so this was a great opportunity to experiment and explore my ideas and interests with freedom.

From this whole experience having the freedom to explore in a variety of different roles and working from my influences, it’s helped me to decide on what I personally want to specialise in for my 3rd year and this is to study cinematography. I think cinematography is an essential part of the creative process during all stages of a production and I think that this is where I would like to explore my ideas by creating various moods, atmospheres and emotion through camera movement, lighting and rigging. In regards to my future in filmmaking, I think that the cinematography department interests me most because I feel that there are no limits.

I plan to keep making films in cinematography based roles using my current influences to experiment and challenge myself to achieve new things across various genres of drama. I will be taking forward the producing skills I’ve gained, and this will help me to be good with my time, stay organised when working on shoots, keep the confidence in my creativity, and more importantly the ability to solve problems.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 20.30.24Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 22.21.56



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