Post Production – Week 2


By failing to edit Bad Manners on my laptop, I decided to upload the footage into Avid at the film school, and I asked Juri Sodero to put an assembly together for me because I am slightly rusty with Avid as I haven’t used the program for a year now, this will be a lot quicker and more helpful by using Juri’s editing skills.

I gave Juri the script for Bad Manners and he put an assembly together for me, I also sat through the edit with Juri on one of the days and this helped me to understand and remember my skills with Avid. I decided that I would leave Juri with the script because it will be a lot easier for him to put the assembly together without having to listen to me demand things differently to his style.

Once Juri had put the edit together I watched it, however, I didn’t like how some of it had be constructed, and this is because I am focusing heavily on sound, and some of the clips were either too short or too long because his vision was not quite the same approach as mine for building tension. I took over the edit from Juri, and I began shortening areas where I though it had to be snappier to work with the addition of dialogue, voiceovers and sound effects that I’m including in the film.

Another thing that Juri accidentally did whilst assembling the edit, is miss place the shots that included dialogue. This wasn’t his fault because I recorded the all of the sound separately and without a clapperboard, so this is another time consuming problem I encountered by just letting somebody take over the edit, as I knew which shots I wanted in the different areas of the assembly to make it work. I’ll know now for next time to ensure undertaking a continuity log and also a transcript for post-production, so the editor knows what happens in which shot and when to use it.

In the mean time I recorded voiceovers with Jack Braham. The reason I chose Jack is because he has a distinctive northern voice and I think that it works well to help the story build up tension with his deep tone.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 18.34.09

This image is above is the final timeline of the finished film, this includes all the sound effects, dialogue and voiceovers. Once I has inserted the voiceovers to where I wanted them in the timeline, I turned the volume up to the maximum, however, this still wasn’t loud enough and it was too late to export the clips into protools as I’m not trained up on using this program. If I was to do this differently I would record the voiceovers at a higher volume.

Once this was completed, I inserted a soundtrack which I selected from a similar style and technique of Guy Ritchie’s style with his action scenes. I chose to use Stone Rose – ‘Fools Gold’ because the lyrics link in with that the films trying to say, and also the funky instrumental has a unique way of building tension, which is really interesting once it’s applied. If my film was longer, I would most likely apply the soundtrack to fade out in certain parts of the film, so then it’s not solely driven by a soundtrack, however, I do like this style. I had to be careful when I was applying the soundtrack because the voiceovers are not the best quality in volume, so I faded down the soundtrack in the areas where the voiceovers came in.

Colour Grade:

After I finished applying the sound to my edit, I wanted to try and apply a colour grade to my film to make it colder at the beginning and slightly warmer coming from the security light during the interrogation scene. I’ve never been trained up on DaVinci Resolve, so this was quite a challenge, but I found a document that assisted me to export the files from Avid into DaVinci.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 20.30.29

In the 1st semester I remember sitting in on my colour grade with Juri when he was applying various shades, shadows and colours to our short film and from this I vaguely remember the tools he was using. I decided that I would try and make my film darker by turning down the reds, greens and blues in all of the colour wheels, by doing this I made each shot darker, but I don’t think I achieved it to a good enough standard for the continuity of the film. I then struggled to export the colour grade and it wouldn’t seem to work when I was trying to apply it to my film, so I was slowly running out of time. I decided that I would leave my film as it is and concentrate on further on finalising the sound and cuts. Over the summer, I’ll attempt a colour grade on this film and use this to familiarise myself with DaVinci Resolve and hopefully gain a good understanding of how the program works for my future projects.

When I had completed the edit, I exported in H.264, Apple pro-res 422 and also MPEG-4, but all of these formats were slightly too dark and the H.264 format was the brightest of the 3, so my film looks a little too dark in some areas, but I still like the darkness in the majority of the shots and this worked well for what I wanted to achieve.


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