Filming Day 2 – Prime Studios


Kit List:

  • Canon C300
  • Matte box
  • Follow Focus
  • 650w Fresnal
  • 8ft track
  • Dolly
  • K clamps
  • Sandbags


  • Butch: Juri Sodero
  • Aaron: Johan Shay

prime recce

Today was the same day that I was shooting my experimental film, so this was the main priority. Once this had been filmed I didn’t have much time left and I wanted to shoot the whole interrogation scene in prime because they have a huge studio space in studio 2, however, I could only get one shot and this was the shot of ‘Butch’ walking down into the cellar.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 18.40.48

I filmed this shot with a one 650w fresnal light and a track and dolly along the studio floor, and this shot is going to be placed in the film as a build of shot to help create tension when this unknown character is walking into somewhere mysterious.


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