Filming Day 1 – Granary Wharf & Becketts Bank Pub


Granary Wharf

Kit list:

  • Sony HX300

Costume & Props:

  • Safety boots
  • Combat pants/dickies working pants

I organised to shoot on this day with Juri Sodero and I asked him to wear his big safety boots for this shooting day as I was getting shots that represented a dominant character, so the clothing had to be suitable . These shots were the opening shots to my shot list and they only consisted of 3 different angles of his legs and feet walking down an underground alleyway.

I accomplished these shots well to my expectations, however, it would have been more useful to film with a camera that is good in low light environments, because my camera’s image sensor isn’t quite as good and it records a noisy image.

Grainy look NOISY

This is a shot I got tracking in from black, however, because this location was unevenly lit and it was really dark and this caused me to have an issue with my footage. If I could have had the Canon C300 for this day, this would have been beneficial.

Becketts Bank Pub

Kit List:

  • Sony HX300

Costume & Props:

  • Safety boots
  • Combat pants/dickies working pants
  • Kegs

Whilst shooting at this location, I kept in mind that I am using the kegs to my advantage to drive the story, so Juri helped me to line kegs up and down a narrow corridor on either side so that it looked a little bit congested to help set the scene of the interrogation.

Once the kegs were lined up, I told Juri what his action was during these shots. His action was to walk down the stairs that lead to the underground entrance of the pub, he then walks down past the barrels and kicks the cellar door open. I filmed this shot from 2 different angles, from behind and also in front of the character, ending the shot on the door slamming shut.

This shoot was a success because my work allowed me to film in the staff only areas, the producing skills that I learnt from my 1st semester benefitted me into gaining access to locations like this that are essential for helping my story flow. If it was feasible for me use a camera that records in better quality for low light environments, I would have done so because this is the only negative outcome from the shoot.



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