Lighting Plans – Prime Studios & 44 Cliff Mount


Prime Studios: Lighting Plan (44 Cliff Mount: Back-up Location)

This is the lighting plan I’ve put together for prime studios and also my student house in the basement, this is because there is a possibility that I can shoot here on 11/04/16. I would like to use this lighting plan as I have more space in prime studios to put together the interrogation scene.

The lighting plan has one key light which is the spotlight, this will light Aaron (the character that’s been captured) it will also light the table enough for the camera to see the distinguished hand gestures by Butch.

I also plan to have a dedolight set to LED daylight as a practical at the side of the room standing as a security light, this is so that I can get a distinctive 2:1 contrast ration on Aaron’s face. The reason I would like to do this is for my own personal look to the scene, by lighting Aaron from both sides it shows a 50% contrast for tungsten and daylight, this is how I would like him to be seen.

A back light will be put in place so that Butch is silhouetted.

Lighting plan (Prime)


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