Granary Wharf & Becketts Bank – Recce


Granary Wharf, Leeds City Centre

This is the first location that I wish to film at, the motivation behind wanting to film here is because it’s dark, hidden, underground and underneath a railway bridge, this is the perfect location for setting the scene in the beginning of my film.

I’d say that the lighting is at an average level to what I would hope to have at this location. The alley is lit by 12 security lights down either side and they are a little too bright for my liking. If I was to use this location with a budget and further permission to close it off and alter the lights, I would take 6 down off either side and attach some diffusion to the remaining 6 that I leave up to light the set.

These are the images from the recce:

Becketts Bank Wetherspoons Pub, Park Row, Leeds City Centre

I plan to shoot at Becketts Bank on the same night as I’m working on a tight schedule. Myself and Juri will line the kegs up side by side like they are in the photograph below, I’m going to do this to help set the scene and also to make the environment seem tight, congested and claustrophobic so that I engage the audience making them feel as though they’re also there.

As Butch walks through down the narrow corridor of kegs he then slams a cellar door open with his foot. I plan to film this so that the door slams back in front of the camera and then I can possibly use this in the edit as a transition or a distinctive cut.

I’m not going to use any lighting in Becketts Bank, because the lighting is already efficiently lit to my wants and needs with their security lights and it seems to shine enough light on the kegs. If the lights seems to bright in contrast to the shadows, I will bring the contrasts down to a more equal level in post-production.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 09.19.48Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 09.20.42


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