Cinematography Workshop Influences


As well as producing, I also study cinematography, and from these workshops they’ve really influenced me to use specific equipment to achieve particular styles I’m interested in. I plan to use the track and dolly for a shot or two to help develop the style I am going for, this is only if the equipment is available.

Also, in cinematography we have been studying contrast ratios in lighting and how this could change the mood and atmosphere in a scene depending on the genre and script. I picture either a 4:1 or 8:1 contrast ratio to be used to light the my characters in an interrogation scene. As an example of a 4:1 contrast ratio is:

The Usual Suspects, 1995

Dir: Bryan Singer

DOP: Newton Thomas Sigel

In this scene both characters are lit with a 4:1 contrast ratio, this is most likely because it is a controlled and formal interrogation scene, dealt with by professionals. This lighting could come useful if there is natural light in my film, however, I think for my interrogation scene I will be using a much stronger contrast ratio such as the 8:1, this is so then I can help show a distinctive darker contrast on the victims face, but it will also represent a sign of good and bad being evenly split.


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