Developing An Auteur Approach Through Influences


I plan to shoot an interrogation scene for my film, this will consist of plenty of darkness, tungsten lighting and distinctive sound that will help to drive the narrative. I want to use sound to my advantage so I can replace this for dialogue, this is because I will not be able to source actors that are convincing enough to pull off emotion and dialogue to my expectations.

In films that have interrogation scenes, I’ve realised that they focus heavily on lighting, sound and obviously casting, however, in my current situation I will have to cast my actors appropriately because I will be approaching my film with no budget.

As I plan to film an interrogation scene, this is one of my influences for the lighting style:

El Valor del Dinero

Director: Raúl Gutiérrez

I first saw this film on the Shorts Bay website and even though this is a comedy, the lighting style reminded me of an interrogation scene, this is because the only lights used in this film is a practical light and a spotlight used above. The spotlight is made to seem invisible to the audience in a way, this is due to the practical light being so strong whilst making it seem as though it’s lighting both characters. I will be considering to use a practical source as the main light source for my interrogation scene depending on the location and back story in my script.

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