Influences & Developing On My Ideas


I would like to look into some of my favourite films and their interrogation scenes to give me a better understanding of what the main elements are to creating the build up and tension in scenes from the beginning to the end.

007 Casino Royale:

Director: Martin Campbell

Cinematographer: Phil Méheux

In this scene I like the way they build up towards the actual interrogation/torture. The selection of shots, such as spinning the chair around in front of camera and cutting the seating layer out, this keeps the audience guessing as to what’s actually about to happen, why might this character be undertaking this? What’s coming next? This is the exact same approach I would like to make for my interrogation scene, only for my film, I would like to explore with a strange weapon or prop to lead my story and this can help to develop my own personal auteur approach used from my current influences.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 18.51.01

This still I’ve taken from the video above, shows how I would like to light my short film. There is a key light to the left and 2 different types of background light. There is a practical in the background and there is also natural light spilling in from above. In interrogation scenes, I generally like their lighting plans and the way they are so low-key, they also often consist of a constant high contrast between strong, intense tungsten and darkness, this is what I like and what I’m influenced by. I think that lighting plays a huge part in film and in this scene it goes hand in hand with what I would like to explore for my personal style.

Inglorious Bastards:

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Cinematographer: Robert Richardson

Another of my influences is Quentin Tarantino, this is because of the violence and gory scenes. Not only that, he’s a great screen writer, however, this is not what I’m looking to explore. I am influenced by his choice of shots and the tension he creates in the mise-en-scene, the props, actors, composition and lighting in his frame inspires me to create something close to his auteur approach in filmmaking.

What I’m influenced by in this scene of Inglorious Bastards is the sound and the build up towards the ‘Bear Jew’. The sound track builds the tension, but more importantly the sound of a bat whacking a tunnels wall coming closer and closer is what helps to bring the audience to their peak for the build up in tension that they’ve been waiting for. I’d like to explore and interpret this style in my own work, preferably with a weapon or a prop. A particular weapon I have in mind for my film is a beer keg, I’ve never seen this prop used in a film as a weapon during my study, but I think it would be an aspect that would be interesting to explore.

Quentin Tarantino has been known for his distinctive auteur approach and I will be using his method to influence my story with tension, choice of shot sizes, lighting, sound and character.


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