First Initial Ideas


First Initial Ideas

Working from my current influences in film, I plan to make a short, micro-budget, gangster film. My first step was to create a mind map so I could put all my current feasible ideas down.

Short Film Mind Map

From this plan, I’ve decided that I would like to make a short film that is driven by sound to create tension, this is because I don’t have a budget and it will most likely be a challenge arranging to book out kit with FTU. I have also decided I would like to have the smallest amount of dialogue and if possible, no dialogue at all.

I watched a short scene from the director, Frank Paladino. This short scene consisted of pushing an envelope with no dialogue, solely focusing on hand gestures and facial expressions. I think this is a good aspect to focus on with no budget because this way I will learn how to create tension working with actors, very little dialogue and sound effects.

Pushing the Envelope: Dir. Frank Paladino

This reminds me of a short film I was shown in college, however, I cannot find the link anywhere, the film consisted of just using hand gestures on a wide angle lens to create different emotions and moods with the pace of the hand and the force it strikes the table, also sound effects played a huge part to make sure that the hand was distinctively meaning something different on occasions throughout the film.


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